Ceil Power Systems specialises in providing the very best, new and used electric forklift battery and charger solutions. Our products and services are utilised by a range of professionals from single forklift operators and end users to independent forklift companies and large international corporations.


No job is too big or too small, and we offer services from all types of maintenance and repairs to the supply and installation of batteries and chargers, from individual forklifts to entire forklift fleets.


Services and Repairs


Ceil Power Systems provides a comprehensive range of services for forklift batteries, chargers and battery rejuvenation. Our experts can provide all the services you need with fast responses to service calls, delivering minimal downtime.


We sell global brand Ceil Power Systems and Bassi products, these leading brands in the market are well-known for their reliability and performance. These superior batteries are exactly what you want on the job; hardworking, no-nonsense batteries for the modern workplace.

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Our accessories include single point watering kits and watering guns, delivering excellent control of electrolytes for your batteries. These highly efficient systems improve system management and performance on the job.

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We offer a ‘no fix, no charge’ guarantee (terms apply) on our battery rejuvenation services and a 12-month guarantee on successful rejuvenation work.

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Our MFC chargers are the latest transformer based chargers, ideal for modern forklifts with advanced digital interfaces and a 5-year warranty.

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Why Choose Us?


Ceil Power Systems is your one-stop shop for forklift batteries of all kinds and sizes. We have a full spectrum of 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt forklift truck batteries, chargers and charging stations, and new and used forklift batteries for sale.


We provide our services in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. We offer services for all types of forklift businesses, from industrial forklift fleets to forklift service contractors and small business operators.


Using only the best suppliers and manufacturers of electric forklift battery parts, chargers and connectors, we can offer the best prices for new and reconditioned batteries. Whether you are looking for maintenance or service of your used forklift truck battery, call us for a price today.

We sell both new and used forklift batteries. Take your pick from our top-of-the-line batteries of all sizes. Ask our experts for any help you need with battery selection for your forklifts.


Contact Us


For more information about our forklift batteries, accessories and services, call us on 1300 721 013 or contact us online. Talk to our experts and discuss your needs. We’re always happy to assist and provide all the services and practical help you need.